Thibaut Lehmann

Junior Software Engineer


I'm Thibaut, a 22y Final‑year MSc student in Computer Science with hands‑on experience in Machine Learning. Passionate about developing impactful AI solutions, especially in NLP and predictive analytics.

Currently finishing my studies with an internship at PwC Zurich developing AI solutions in Tax and Legal Services.

Besides my studies, I've launched multiple successful projects, such as an AI Competitor Analyzer tool, a Crypto Trading Bot, an NFT Marketplace and much more.


Hard skills

Python • TypeScript • PyTorch • Keras • Pandas • FastAPI
Machine Learning • Deep Learning • Federated Learning • LLMs
NextJs • Docker • Git • Figma • SQL • Firebase • AWS • Azure • Jira
Data Stuctures & Algorithms • Problem solving

Soft skills

Leadership • Agile • Collaboration


Work Experiences

March - Aug 2024

PwC Switzerland

AI Software Engineer Intern | TLS AI & Data Team

• Leading the exploration and implementation of Proof of Concept (PoC) initiatives for Federated Learning with Large Language Models(LLM).
• Enhanced a Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) solution for a top‑tier law firm in Switzerland through the implementation of an innovative multi‑agent system. The entire architecture is hosted on Azure.
• Collaborating with prominent law firms in Switzerland to tailor AI solutions to their specific business needs.

Python • Azure • LLM • React

Sept - Jan 2024

Bouygues Construction

Machine Learning Consultant

• University part-time project (2days / week)
• Curating and managing confidential financial data from over 10 institutional clients, employing advanced data modeling, visualization, and pattern analysis to facilitate informed decision‑making.
• Implementing multiple machine learning tools tailored for both commercial and technical functions,enhancing cost prediction accuracy.
• Achieved cost savings exceeding €10,000 to date, through the strategic optimization of operational expenses.

Python • PyTorch • SQL • ML • NextJs

May - Sept 2023



• Development of:'s → Proof of Concept, crafting a personalized AI digital avatar through advanced AI techniques, securing $750k in funding via a dedicated webapp for investors.
• Spearheaded the creation of an AI Competitor Analyser tool, processing 100k+ feedbacks using ML (NLP) techniques, saving hours of manual labor, and enhancing market positioning insights.
• Additionally, developed a data visualization dashboard and oversaw full‑stack web app development for 90k+ users, using Llama2, Python, TypeScript, NextJs, and AWS SageMaker & RDS in an agile cross‑functional team.
• Successfully presented the PoC to a key investor in Lisbon, resulting in successful funding acquisition.

Llama2 • Python • Typescript • NextJs • SQL • AWS


May 2023

AI Customer Support Agent

Trains automatically on any given website

• Pioneered the creation of an autonomous AI chatbot by harnessing the power of NLP open source transformers from HuggingFace, enhancing 24/7 customer support services
• Crawling every urls on any website to scrap the content, storing it in a vector database for semantic search.
• Elevated user satisfaction rates by enabling the chatbot to comprehensively understand an application, providing users with invaluable guidance on product utilization, and significantly diminishing the need for manual support interventions.

Python • SQL • AWS

Apr. 2022

Sparkies NFT Marketplace

+3.8k users • +76.3k NFTs • +20k$ trading volume

NFT Marketplace, buy, sell, trade and even create your own NFTs on the Velas Blockchain. The Marketplace launched with a secret NFT collection (500 NFTs sold). Secured a grant of $12k.

As part of a 4 members team, my missions were:
• UI / UX design
• Front-end development
• Back-end development
• Community management (telegram and discord)

TypeScript • NextJs • Figma

Dec. 2021


666 NFTs sold out in 6 days

Led the full stack web application development. It represents investors who lost a large amount of money in the crypto‑currency market.

In a team of 3 members, my tasks were:
• UI / UX design
• Front-end development
• Smart contracts integration
• Community management (twitter, telegram and discord)

Solidity • React • IPFS • TypeScript • Figma

Aug. 2021

BasketBall App

BasketBall application for a coach. Students can book a session, watch tutorials and be tracked by the coach.

As part of a two-person team, and a freelancer, my job was the frontend development, I had to integrate the UI and UX design into code.

React Native • JavaScript • Figma


2019 - 2024

ECAM LaSalle

MSc, Computer Science and Machine Learning
Revelant courses: Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Big data, Applied Mathematics, Algorithms, Statistics, Probability, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Self‑learning: Generative AI with Large Language Models from and Advanced Web Scraping from Udemy.

2020 - 2021

Erasmus Exchange

International studies in Lithuania following a generalist engineering curriculum in English.


Gym • Football • Reading • Podcasts

Embedded systems • 3D printing